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Bringing Hope, Healing And Joy

About Dr. Gauri

Though she was a topper in college, she always kept her spiritual side unaffected by her tuition. Dr Gauri has performed surgeries in most of Pune’s top hospitals and ranks among the most respected surgeons in the country. Dr Gauri Joshi was awarded her MBBS degree from Pravara medical college, Pune university and her ENT specialization (DLO) from B J Medical College, Pune.

Dr Gauri has a strong background in medical research as she is also associated with the Chest Research Foundation in Pune. She has been a practicing ENT surgeon in Pune since last 14 years. Shraddha Clinic, which has been her hospital right from the start, is now a beehive of spiritual healing.

Story of Dr. Gauri

In the process of performing more than a thousand surgeries, Dr Gauri discovered there are still some ailments in the ENT field, which modern medicine or surgery could simply not address or heal. For instance, a condition called tinnitus. Wikipedia defines Tinnitus as the perception of sound within the human ear (“ringing of the ears”) when no external sound is present. It is not just limited to ringing sounds. Some patients complain of car horns, frying sounds, hissing, etc. The patients suffer immensely from this disorder, which eventually leads to depression and at times insanity.

A diligent specialist, Dr Gauri started researching on tinnitus and discovered that a mystical form of meditation and healing: Reiki cures this ailment. Dr Gauri started learning Reiki and found for herself that she could easily cure the condition. That started Dr Gauri’s on the path of alternate healing and holistic treatments. Thanks to her analytical and sharp mind, she mastered Reiki to the extent of becoming a Grandmaster.

Even though Dr Gauri was a strong rationalist, she did not dismiss the mystical and spiritual from her mind. She explored other sciences like Astrology and became a Jyotish Bhaskar (a very senior astrologer). She studied Yoga at the Swami Iyengar Institute and developed her own form of medical yoga. She also learned Vastushastra and developed Vastu-Reiki an extremely powerful remedy for structural faults that lead to disharmony in peoples’ lives.

Today, Dr Gauri believes with the modalities of Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and Pranayam, total health can be achieved befitting the definition of health by the World Health Organization.

With the use of the spiritual approach, that has positive effects on body and mind, Dr. Gauri has offered health and wealth and joy of living to many.

The clinic

Many say they find it extremely difficult to believe Dr Gauri’s story. We say, worry not, just visit the clinic on the third Thursday of every month and you will find dozens of people testifying to the power of Dr Gauri’s spiritual healing. Dr Gauri does not limit herself to her skills in healing and counseling. What she does is simply amazing. Besides, every meeting is crowned with an interesting activity that absorbs and enriches the people. For instance, Dr Gauri got some very eminent speakers to conduct a Personality Development workshop for the children of the commune members.

Our Philosophy

Dr Gauri realized that Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra are sciences (ancient but sciences nonetheless) and their scientific study and application has helped people enrich their lives for thousands of years. Which is precisely why she entered the arena of research in these disciplines and has helped many a lost soul take charge of his destiny. Ask her which is her favorite discipline and Dr Gauri smiles, “All are very close to my heart and I am equally passionate about all of them”.


The Ultimate Goal

Health and well being is a life-long pursuit. Dr Gauri’s goal is to help you on that journey.

Total or Spiritual Healing means the healing process that begins from within, from self. Medical science now accepts that 95% of diseases are psychosomatic, which in a layman’s language means these diseases have their origin at an emotional level but they are visible as physical problems.

Thousands of people with a various physical and emotional difficulties have got completely cured at Dr Gauri’s. You will find evidence of this in the case studies mentioned on the website as well as in the e-book soon to be published here.

Dr Gauri has taken it upon herself to launch a revolutionary new movement called the Happiness Movement so that people of all ages and backgrounds can experience real joy, which can only come from within. All it takes is to be silent for a while, meditate for a while, know your spirit, know the truth.