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Creative Writer and Author

Besides being a spiritual leader, Dr Gauri Joshi is also a celebrated author. Her first book Trunkcall to Krishna is a groundbreaking revelation in stress management and depression. Dr Gauri Joshi is associated with the Pune International Literary Festival in the capacity of speaker and moderator. Audio books and hard copies of the book are available on amazon and flipkart.

Trunkcall To Krishna

By Dr. Gauri Joshi

If there were one book that would answer all of life’s questions! For instance, we all desire to excel at what we do. Our work. Our business. Our relationships. Then, there are questions like: Who am I? What is life…? Trunk Call to Krishna is a compilation of Dr Gauri Joshi’s discourses offered during her Fellowship of the Flute sessions. Illustrated profusely with stories and case studies, this book besides being a very interesting read also answers many of your questions. In a nutshell, it enhances your creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus, there are various easy-to-do exercises that can provide great physical and emotional health. The wisdom of the ancient Bhagwad Gita is evident in most of the solutions. All in all, it is attaining Nirvana without getting out of your armchair.


A divinely gifted person who employs her immense knowledge for the betterment of the human race.
Dr Mohan Agashe
In this quagmire of uncertainty and suffering, she offers hope for many. I wish her all the best in this noble effort.
Dr Nitish Bharadwaj