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Reiki Grandmaster

Certified Member (2010-11)

International Association of Reiki Professionals

Upcoming Reiki workshops and webinars ​

Reiki Healing Can help to

Overcome Serious Health Issues

When the mind is at peace, the body’s immune system is activated. Stress, anxiety and depression are common factors that affect the immune system adversely. No matter what the illness, Reiki will help you combat it. Yes, name any illness and Reiki can help. Please refer to the Miracle of the Day for real life stories, how people overcame serious mental, emotional and physical health issues.

Triumph Over Neurological Disease

Thanks to Reiki, people with mental degeneration and other disorders can live normal lives. People with serious Parkinson have been known to use a pen to sign and write again. Reiki has helped people halt the devastating effects of dementia. Violent behavior can be very easily quelled with Reiki. Unpredictable behavior can be easily subdued with the power of Reiki. Please refer to the Miracle of the Day for real life stories, how people overcame neurological issues.

Solve Business & Professional Problems

Machines that won’t work, profits that stop rolling in, sales that dip, paucity of customers are problems that Reiki can help combat. You will surprised how a stable mind can help you think up greater ideas and boost your business and career. Reiki helps you focus better on new technologies. To grasp new concepts very quickly. To think up solutions to vexing problems.

Manage Disastrous Relationships

If your relationships are a mess, Reiki is a must for you. Bad relationships increase work pressure at office. Office goers find Reiki helps them manage their various relationships better and renew old bonds. Family issues can easily be solved with Reiki. Remember when family, friends and colleagues are with you, life can be a cakewalk.

How Reiki works

Reiki means the universal life force energy that one is receiving all the time. Reiki technique means making the energy flow through one’s body as the water flows in a river – continuous, joyous, having a direction. Reiki makes one sensitive enough to realize the energy within and also sensible enough to utilize the energy for strengthening, healing, relaxing and rejuvenating oneself.

Following are the Healing Packages Offered by Dr Gauri Joshi​

Touch Therapy

This is the most common form of treatment. It is performed at the Clinic or any other place of convenience. It involves something as simple as relaxing – lying down comfortably. Dr Gauri conducts the session herself.

It involves:

  • Calling and consulting Dr Gauri
  • Fixing a time table or treatment schedule
  • Come to clinic at the scheduled time
  • That’s all…

Telephonic Healing Package

Many a times, the patient or client is offsite. As in, not able to visit the Clinic. No problem! Consultation and Healing can be effectively administered by phone. Dr Gauri has healed countless people all over the country and globally. Remember, it is not costly at all.

It involves:

  • Calling and consulting Dr Gauri
  • Fixing a time table or treatment schedule
  • Simply picking up the phone at the scheduled time
  • Just following Dr Gauri’s instructions to the ‘T’
  • That’s all…

Distance Healing Package

As the name implies, this package is for people who cannot visit the Clinic in person. Some may find it inconvenient. Yet others may be staying in distant cities or countries. Distance Healing is a subscription package. It is usually offered for a specified period of time. You can subscribe for yourself or any family or friend. Wherever they be. It’d please you to know that Dr Gauri has helped hundreds of people overcome their problems with this tool.

It involves:

  • Calling Dr Gauri
  • Discussing your problem
  • Setting the time frame
  • That’s it