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Vastu Shustra

How you live depends on where you live

Vastu Shustra is a powerful tool developed by Dr Gauri Joshi after a great deal of research and development. Dr Gauri had studied the original science of Vastu Shustra from Guruji Anant Marathe and had been providing solutions based on its principles. Sadly, 99.9% of modern homes do not comply to the age-old norms of Vastu Shustra. Correction requires expensive renovation and props. Home-owners may also be advised pilgrimages and donations to religious shrines.

Remember good homes are not about bricks and mortar, they are about the good people living harmoniously in them. So Gauri’s Vastu solutions are all about changing attitudes, course correction in behavior and maintaining great relationships. The solutions bring peace of mind, which is essential for the wellbeing of the Vastu.

Hundreds of people have benefited tremendously after deploying Dr Gauri’s Vastu Shustra in their homes.

Vastu Shustra Package

No Vastu is perfect. Period. Remember, a home is not made of bricks and mortar alone. It is made of the people staying the abode. Vastu Shustra is a powerful tool developed by Dr Gauri with her immense knowledge of Reiki and Vastu Shustra. Rest assured, it does not involve any rites, rituals or costly renovation. Vastu Shustra is the maintaining the balance of energies in an abode. This is a both effective and cost-effective answer to the doshas in your abode. Whether you have a home, office or shop, you should get it Vastu Shustra-complliant. This weapon is effective for at least 6 months after which you need to re-energise your abode again. Of course, at a very nominal cost.

It involves:

  • Calling Dr Gauri
  • Fixing a date and schedule
  • Dr Gauri’s personal visit to the abode
  • Extensive discussion and consultation
  • Deep meditation
  • Balancing of the energies
  • That’s all…

Vastu Shustra Recharge Package

To be honest, a Vastu Shustra Package is effective only for a certain period of time.  Minimum six months. After which it is essential to recharge the energies in the vastu.

It involves:

  • Calling up Dr Gauri
  • Dropping a request for recharge
  • That’s all…

Business Branding Package

As many of our consultations involve new business ventures, Dr Gauri has a team of brand consultants on call. All solutions offered are Vastu and Numerology-compliant.

The services offered are:

  • Branding
  • Brand design
  • Brand positioning and strategy
  • Marketing communication

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